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Malaga & Seville

Malaga harbour, Spain

Malaga harbour, Spain by perryplanet

After leaving the sights of Valencia, we decided to take the easy option and book a flight with Ryanair from Valencia to Malaga.  In just over an hour we reached Malaga. As a lot of people in the summer time always opt to stay in the resorts of Torremolinos, Benalmadena we opted to spend our first  night/day in Malaga.  Malaga airport is a very modern airport with great train connections into the city centre or if you choose to go down the Costa del Sol. We hoped on the train and in less than an hour we reached Malaga city.  I was not expecting much of Malaga city but I really enjoyed it!

Malaga is a very cultural city very much influenced by the Moors to the Romans and down to the Christians.  You can see their influence with numerous buildings around Malaga.  Also Malaga is a great place to explore Granada  or Gibraltar.

There are plenty of shops bars and restaurants and also side cobbled streets you can get lost in.  We opted to stay in a very good hostel, if this does not suit your fancy there are plenty of hotels around.

Again the hop on hop off bus is great to explore the city, down to the lovely beach, Picasso birthplace to cathedrals and the bullfighting ring.

Seville at night

Seville at night, by Micah Parker

The following morning we went back on the train again (the main train station is right in the city centre) and headed for Seville with a journey time of 2 half hours.  This is a great way to see the surrounding countryside.  On our way down it did not stop raining once, but once we arrived in Seville it was 45 degrees.  If you do not like this type of heat I would not recommend travelling to Seville in August or September.

Seville is rich in Moorish heritage. This is noticeable as you walk around the city. Seville is steeped in heritage and there is something for everyone to do. In the old historic centre of the city is a lively shopping centre where you can find all types of shops. There are plenty of cathedrals, museums or even take a boat cruise down the river Guadalquiver.

Like in any city if you walk off the main beaten track you will find plenty of local restaurants serving tapas and cold drinks.

Seville is one of those cities where you could happily walk around and marvel at the wonderful sites.