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The Call of Nature – Take a ferry instead

It is yet another time our Planet is showing us how tiny we all -the people- are in its huge eco system.  And it only took one single volcano in Iceland to shut down the air traffic system and cause chaos and inconvenience to hundreds of thousands travellers.  It is also a time we ask ourselves how we got to a position where we’re so dependent on just one means of transportation.

Iceland Volcano – Photo by plasmastik/

Yes, air transportation is the fastest and one of the safest ways to go long distances between cities or continents. It is about the luxury you may have experienced on-board a brand new aircraft, like the new A380 for example.  But did you know you can experience a true luxury on-board any of the cruise ships out there?

Big cruising companies like Royal Caribbean, Fred Olsen, MSC Cruises or Silversea Cruises, all of them offer unforgettable holidays with departures from Ireland, the UK and other European ports.  They all can be reached by ferry so you avoid the need for air travel.

And there is another great destination to go by car! France.  Take your family or friends, your car and a ferry to any of the French ferry ports and drive through its beautiful countryside, enjoy breath taking sights and at the end of the day dock in some nice restaurant and taste some of the famous wines France has to offer.

The ferries are pretty busy now thanks to the Mother Nature!  But when this all is over, why don’t you give us a call? We would gladly help you create your not-so-ordinary holiday for your family or your friends!