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    Egypt: A country steeped in history and beauty, rich with culture and drenched in sun is a prime destination for unforgettable sights, near constant warm weather and sparkling blue seas.

    Perfect for families, Egypt has plenty to offer. Many resorts are all inclusive and will cater to those with children with a variety of family rooms, activities and daily entertainment to keep the kids occupied so mam and dad can relax and unwind.

    16454500887_c0e46538e0_mResorts such as Sharm el Sheikh offer an array of activities for families such as diving and snorkelling, submarine tours of the Red Sea. The beautiful beach at Naama Bay allows for mam and dad to lounge in the sun while the little ones build sand castles (or sand pyramids!) to their hearts content.

    The weather in Egypt is typically warm all year round with peak temperatures of around 23-34˚. In the summer (May-Oct) the weather is hot while it gets milder around winter time (Nov-Dec). Areas inland are hotter than the coast during the day but do get colder at night.

    Egypt has multitudes to offer families looking for either a relaxing break or a fun, adventure filled holiday. Sharm El Sheikh, one of the most popular tourist resorts on the Red Sea, has a number of hotels that are perfect for families.

    Many hotels within Sharm El Sheikh offer activities and kids clubs with some hotels providing water slides, children’s pools and splash pools. There are plenty of trips and excursions perfect for families too. Families can discover the wonders of the Red Sea through the multitude of snorkelling spots.



    No other country captivates the heart and romance quite like Egypt. For couples, it is the perfect destination in which to relax, unwind and spend quality time with each other. A number of resorts in Egypt are adults only and suited for couples seeking a quiet and intimate break together.

    There is plenty to do for couples too: Many resorts offer daily activities and are home to spa treatments and wellness centres. On top of that, there is a myriad of excursions, tours and sights to see for budding explorers from the world famous pyramids to ancient temples and ruins of once great pharaohs and queens.

    16041886953_ca0b1c267a_mWhile Egypt conjures images of sand-blasted temples, imposing pyramids and wandering Bedouins, it is a popular spot with families and couples alike. Egypt has plenty of sights and activities to suit all tastes.

    One of the most popular areas in the country is Sharm El Sheikh, located on the coast of the crystal clear Red Sea. This area is home to the majority of hotels and resorts. Its location means it is a prime area for water sports such as scuba diving and snorkelling. Most hotels will happily cater for families with many having multiple kid’s pools, waterslides and splash fountains.

    Egypt makes a great destination for couples too. With its white-sand beaches steeped in sunshine and breath-taking scenery, it’s sure to make for an unforgettable getaway. Most resorts are perfect for couples and are some adult only properties.

    Trips and excursions on the river Nile bring with them a relaxed, romantic atmosphere. One of many popular options is candle-lit riverboat tours. Some tours offer dinner as part of the itinerary as you drift gently through the serene waterways of the Nile taking in all the sights and sounds Egypt has to offer.

    In all, Egypt is a fantastic destination with plenty to offer families and couples alike and with history, world-renowned sights and plenty on offer to see and do.

    Sharm El Sheikh

    Situated just to the coast of the Red Sea, Sharm El Shikh is the closest resort to Europe. The climate is warm and sunny all year long and the resort boasts everything you could ask for: astonishing mountain views such as those found from Mount Sinai; crystal-clear water that is home to numerous coral reefs and sandy beaches. But don’t be fooled into thinking its all quiet. Sharm El Sheikh is home to numerous bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

    Sharm El Sheikh has much to offer families such as:

    • Snorkelling & Diving
    • Submarine tours
    • Children’s pools, waterslides, playgrounds and hotel run kids clubs
    • The Il Mercato shopping mall at Umm Sid offers a variety of shops to choose from ensuring there is something for everyone
    • Hire a yacht at Sharm El Sheikh Marina and explore the high seas with your little ‘pirates’ 

    Sharm El Sheikh is a romantic haven for couples. Enjoy a traditional dinner with Bedouins under star filled skies.

    Take a trip to Sharm El Sheikh Marina and indulge in spa treatments, world-class golfing facilities or rent a private yacht to unwind on the open seas.

    Stroll to the relaxed and picturesque Sharks Bay. With numerous diving centres, scuba-diving and snorkelling are popular activities as well as wake boarding, surfing and water-skiing. 

    Helpful information & Facts about Egypt

    • The local currency is the Egyptian Pound. Euro, Sterling and US dollar widely accepted
    • Egypt’s main airports are Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh
    • The country is divided into 4 main areas: The Nile valley & Delta, Western Desert, Eastern Desert and Sinai Peninsula
    • Arabic is the official language of Egypt but English is widely spoken in the resort areas
    • The Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea are connected via the Suez Canal