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Destination Guide

Plan your Australia and New Zealand Holidays with our online destination guide. Explore other places around the world!

Forty million years in the making, Australia’s dramatic landscapes and rich cultural heritage are guaranteed to take your breath away. Come and witness the magic. Explore Australia. read more »
A varied history means that Croatia has a mixed culture, from the beautiful baroque architecture of Zagreb through Italian splendour to the colourful traditional Slavic folk dancing. read more »
A small island in the Mediterranean Sea, but also close to the shores of Asia and Africa, Cyprus is influenced by all of these, creating an extraordinary result. read more »
While Egypt conjures images of sand-blasted temples, imposing pyramids and wandering Bedouins, it is a popular spot with families and couples alike. Egypt has plenty of sights and activities to suit all tastes... read more »
Greece is a mix of old and new, with Greek hospitality welcoming everyone to its shores. read more »
New Zealand
You can walk for miles in New Zealand without seeing another soul, accompanied by rustling trees and running water but perhaps the country’s greatest asset is its warm and friendly population. read more »
Portugal is fairly easy to escape the crowds. Even at the busiest resorts, it only takes a short bus ride or a walk across countryside to reveal rarely visited places. read more »
Midnight sun, glaciers, fjords or northern lights. Just a few of many attractions waiting for you after arrival to countries of Scandinavian peninsula. read more »
Spain has hundreds of fine beaches, and plenty of sun, but has much more than this. It has fine and colourful culture to explore – flamenco dancing, bullfighting and beautiful architecture. read more »
No matter what your pleasure, there’s something for you in Turkey. The Mediterranean coast is easy to enjoy, with plenty of traditional food, including the meze, to stimulate your taste buds. read more »